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The majority of people all over the world say football like soccer, so it is considered as “American football” or “gridiron”, but no everyone knows the detailed information about this kind of popular sport.

If you want to prepare for your pick-up game in the future or just need to understand what’s happening in the game of your boy, you don’t need to learn all from football Australian rules to football American rules but what I will let you know below


When it comes to gridiron football, on a court at a time, there are two teams including 11 players for each. All players will try to move the ball down the court across the goal line to score points. That means they will kick the ball into the goal. The winner is the team which has the most points when ending the game.

Playing court:

The area of a court is about 100 yards long and extra 50 yards wide. At the end of each zone around 10 yards, there is a goal line and upright gold posts at its back.

Football equipment:

Due to a contact sport, the requirement for the equipment of this American football is more than other kinds of sports. Below is what you will need:

  • Football
  • Turf shoes
  • Football pants come with pads to keep shins, thighs, and groin away from hurt
  • Pads on kidneys, ribs, shoulders, and chest
  • Mouthguard
  • Helmet with a face mask
  • Jersey with number indicating the position of players

Jersey numbers:

  • Defensive linemen: 90-99 and 50-79
  • Tight ends and H-backs: 80-89 and 40-49
  • Wide receivers: 80-89 and 10-19
  • Offensive guards and tackles: 60-79
  • Centers: 50-59 and 60-79
  • Running backs and defensive backs: 20-49
  • Quarterbacks, placekickers, and punters:1-19


For college and pro football, every game will last 60 minutes which are divided into four 15-minute quarters. Meanwhile, high school game takes place within 48 minutes with 4 quarters (12 minutes of each).

In some special cases, the clock will stop such as incomplete plays or passes going out of bounds or when officials need time to measure the location of the ball to check whether or not it’s out of 10 yards.

Every team will have three time-outs/half:

Overtime period will depend on the playing level. And how to choose the team receiving the ball is to toss a coin. The winner is that the first team gets a score. In case no team can score within the last 15 minutes, the game will be tied.

For college and high school games, the overtime period is an equal chance for both teams to get a score. That means 2 teams have the ball on the 25-yard line of the opponent to get score _ kick the ball on touchdown or the goal. The possession of the ball will end if the team gets a score, fail or lose the ball. After that, it’s the opportunity for another team. In the event of the 3rd overtime period, to be the winner, players have to run cross offensive and the end of a zone to get 2 scores in place of only kicking the ball between the upright golds to score the only point.


If the game has a dead ball, substitutes will be allowed. Moreover, they have to leave the court to have a seat on the sideline.

What’s dead ball?

A dead ball will lead to the end of the down. The reasons the ball is dead include:

  • The pass is incomplete
  • The ball carrier is downed or ¬†goes out of the bound
  • The ball also goes out of the bound
  • A team gets a score
  • The ball which is kicked doesn’t move anymore
  • The fair catch is signaled
  • There is a touchback that means a player kicking the ball at the end of a zone

Above are just the basic football rules. There are many other things you need to know about this kind of sport such as techniques to kick the ball, player contact, scrimmage positions, how to score, when will a player be out of play? facts about fouls and penalties. However, keep in mind what I mentioned is enough for you to watch a football game as happy as possible.


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