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If you feel comfortable when flying with your golf clubs in golf travel Australia, below is what you can learn from my trip:

Determine the limits:

First of all, you need to check the excess baggage policies of the airline you choose. In this case, when it comes to the option of WestJet, the checked bag of 22kg/50 lbs is allowed.

The excess bag policy of WestJet for sporting goods:

What I brought includes 2 travel bags of golf (8 lbs for one) and 2 regular golf club bags (30lbs for one). Besides, I also use extra a standard carry-on bag and other containing personal things. These details helped me reduce a large part of pain when preparing flying.

Pack properly:

After determining the limits, I thought about packing possibilities to pack 12lbs of my extra things. Actually, in golf travel bags, I can pack my shoes, dry-fit golf clothes as well as several balls but they are still under the limitation.

For the 5lbs or 5kgs luggage, it’s convenient and exact for me to use Costco’s Heys luggage scale. I arrived at the airport early to check the weight of my golf clubs and suitcase in an empty airline counter. This creates conditions and more time for me to repack or purchase extra bags, suitcases in the duty-free stores. Rather than going over the limitation of the weight, I think it’s better to buy extra bags.

In my carry-on bag, I can freely store both clothes and golf clubs even there is still enough space for carrying my personal things and electronic gadgets. By doing so, I can set my mind at rest on the plane without being worried about the extra luggage fees.

Pick the golf travel bag properly:

Remember that the luggage handlers won’t keep your golf clubs as well as what you did. There are more or fewer cases of the broken club heads or the bags tossed off the conveyor belt of the tarmac. Therefore, I invested in a high-quality bag to protect my clubs.

Hard or soft case?

This is the first consideration. Typically, the hard case can give my items the better protection with more space. For the golf games at the weekend, I will load 2 cart bags into my sedan’s trunk even sometimes, I have to load the rest of the bag separately. Thus, if you plan to arrive at the airport with a random rental car, that may be a problem. It’s best to use an SUV, or something likes that. Although the soft case protects lesser than the hard case, I can quickly load more models in my car or store at home.

I highly recommend CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Travel Bag because it is made from high-quality material and its ability to protect is also good. Its best advantage is the quality construction. I can pack extra my pockets for shoes and toiletries on both sides. However, it can’t stand up straight without any support. Moreover, it’s quite difficult to move with this bag as you have to drag it around on 2 big quality wheels even hard to turn as well as to handle.

The Ping Foldable Travel Bag is my second recommend which is well-constructed and padded everywhere. There are two big wheels and four ones at the base. Thank that, you can drag it with less effort on your end. If you are shorter than average, it’s really beneficial to use this. Furthermore, the bag is also protected from moving through an attached internal strap. When you are loading or uploading, you will receive the support from many handles. Its design is very brilliant which folds down to a neat cube so you can easily store. However, it’s more expensive than others.

Pack the golf bag:

This process includes packing stiff arm, club flip, club face protection, off with the head, and so on.


That’s all. The most significant tip is to pack carefully to have a trip as happy as possible with your golf club set. If you have any question about this problem, please let me know in the comment section below. What’s more, don’t forget to share with your loved ones, if it is helpful.

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