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Most of the golfers love playing a game on their business trip because the golf courses are considered as a good location to do business. How about you? Why don’t you try? Below are great tips to apply to trips:

Protect the golf clubs:

The fact is that your golf bag will be thrown somewhere in transit. Thus, you should invest in a solid bag and a cover clipping to the top. I highly recommend an overall golf travel bag encapsulating the clubs. Moreover, the selected golf bag had better be designed inbuilt wheels to move around the airport. Ideally, that’s head covering the woods and hybrid.

Clean out the golf bag:

Over time, you won’t know that how quick junk builds up in your golf bag’s pocket including junk balls, nasty old gloves, old scorecards and food wrappers. Before your trip, you must ensure that your bag is empty. It’s better for you if you prepare a pair of fresh gloves, sunscreen, a light jacket, a new towel to clean your sticks, a set of 24 high-quality balls. A local retailer always sells what you need cheaper than at a pro store.

Check airline penalties:

The golf club is considered as one of your bags at check-in. In a few carries, you will have to take the 2nd bag or charge excess baggage weight. That’s why before departing, you should weigh your bags and check the policy of carrier on extra baggage, in particular, pay attention domestic US flights.

When it comes to Qantas, you just need to make sure the total of weight is under 32kg, both collapsible buggies and golf bags are considered as a part of the checked baggage allowance.

For Emirates, everything is better. They allow a set of golf clubs or/and a pair of golf shoes for free.

In Singapore Airlines, you will be charged 6kg excess baggage fee to pack golf club after your first 15kg of items. For instance, when traveling from Australia to Singapore, you will have to pay $242 for the 20kg golfing kit on each flight.

Check oversize baggage pick-up:

There are several baggage carousels which can’t carry golf clubs. Thus, if you travel with them, the high opportunity is to send to pick-up area and the oversize baggage department. You must know the destination airport online’s layout or ask carousel details at check-in to steer clear of waiting for a place never delivering.

Step the following way:

Sometimes, before reaching a course, the problem has begun. In case you are traveling foreign, that means you are held up by quarantine officers or customs at the location as you have chunked the last seven-iron. You should know that Australian Customs forbids strictly carrying the soil on your golf clubs face or golf shoes’ spikes. Therefore, to keep you away from fuss, let you clean them.

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