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Football is no doubt a very physically demanding sport. Staying fit is, therefore, essential for any football players. But they do not want just that: they always look for way to improve their strength and endurance so that they can run faster and perform better in the field. Surely, a suitable training program and a strict diet plan are required but why not get the help from supplements?

With supplements, players’ bodies can easily absorb necessary nutrients for their vigorous training. This guide below will introduce some essential supplements for football players. There are two things to take note: (1) they do not replace regular food do players still need to eat properly and (2) they are simple and very cost effective.

  1. Protein

Any serious football player understands how protein is essential for building muscle strength. No, you do not really need expensive protein products: just regular supplements like protein powders, bars, and capsules can be helpful just fine. They are cheap and easy to carry around; it is very common to see people drinking protein shakes at gyms. Even though plenty of protein can be found in the daily diet plan, protein supplements are still necessary for a demanding sport like football. They help players build muscles and recover faster. About two to three shakes a day should be enough (with one to use after workout); you should test the amount adequate for your body. Do not try to take more than what your stomach can handle.

natural proteins

  1. Creatine

This type of supplement is very popular for athletes and bodybuilder for improved performance. Anyone who does not seem to be able to improve their skill and strength for a long time will need all the help they can. Creatinecan help increase natural amino acid/Adenosine Tri Phosphate in the body, which is very beneficial for boosting energy reserves and muscle functions. It is recommended for off-season. Young players should ask for consultation from their trainer or doctors first.

  1. Fish Oil

Fish oil is a very useful supplement for everybody, not just players thanks to many benefits it brings. First of all, it is well-known for heart health. Secondly, it helps the body recover from injuries, swelling and inflammation very effectively. In fact, football players put their body through vigorous training and activities very frequent, which lead to inflammation. If not treated soon, inflammation can leave the body in discomfort and pain with tight muscles; eventually it will affect the training and performance efficiency. Fish oil acts as a natural lubrication for the joints, thus reducing wear and tear. It is not to mention its effect for increased metabolism. Fish oil is cheap and widely available.

  1. Caffeine

When players drink tea and coffee, they consume caffeine – a natural stimulant that provides them with great energy to focus on their tasks and perform to the best of their ability. Many football players use caffeine tablets: they are very cheap and convenient to use. Actually, they are even more consistent in quantity and effective than drinking a tea or coffee cup. Just one tab (which equals one cup) at a time is enough; do not overuse it or it will gradually lose its effectives. In brief, only use it when necessary, for example before a big game or a hard training session. If you can stay away from caffeine for a week with no problem, it is good; or else, it means you are over-reliant on it (which is bad, we are telling you).

  1. L-Tyrosine

When players need to be in the right mind or “waken up” so that they can focus on the game, they resort to using L-Tyrosine. Basically, this is the type of supplements that helps you brain functions well. It can be used before each game or workout session. Again, do not overuse it or in the long run it will be to be of little use.

  1. ZincZinc in Health

After a game or a training section, the body needs help and time to heal/recover: this is when Zinc proves its worth. Used as a form of anabolic natural supplement, Zinc helps the muscle growth and recover; plus it is also beneficial for brain health and for promoting good sleep. Sleep is a natural process that effortlessly helps the body recover/.

  1. Multi Vitamins

The body need good intake of vitamins and minerals for proper functions. Multi vitamins are base supplements; while they may not get credited for a football player’s improved performance, they are necessary for the overall health and well-being of everyone. The body’s immune system will be affected without adequate vitamins and minerals.

One last note: Whatever supplement is used, drinking plenty of water is highly recommended. In fact, staying hydrated it is the simplest and safest way for the body’s fitness and muscle strengths.

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